Sonntag, 16. November 2008

rearview radio - its all happening right now

New mix.
Its all happening right now.
Daam. I really like when the air is getting colder.
Really need to get to the sea in the near future.
Prolly North-Sea.
Really dont know why im speakin on this. Lol.
Enjoy the new Mixtape.
Recorded in shorts.
and without cigarettes.
too daam lazy to go to the store.

Rearview Radio - Its all happening right now ( november 08)


tracklist in comments.


rearviewradio hat gesagt…


Silver Apples - Oscillations
Sigbefia Five - Control my Fear
S.C.S. - Marauder
Silver City - Pendulo ( Peter Herbert Edit)
Jacques Renault - Tuxedo Dance
Björn Torske - Fembussen Hjem
Daniel Wang - Like some Dream
Sascha Dive - Deepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix)
Star you Star me - Cant stay ( Rune Lindbäck Remix)
Sharokh Sound Of K. - Black Bird
Dam-Funk - Galactic Fun
Outlander - Vamp (Prins Thomas Diskomix)
The Stone Roses - Fools Gold
I was a Teenage Dj Pt 1 - Greg Wilson Edit

G.Pop hat gesagt…

boom !

sehr gut!

bestens zum arbeiten jetzt und danach nochmal einfach nur zum anhoeren !