Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

rearview radio - August 08 mixtape

there you have it.
4 cigarettes and 2 glass of red wine later.
the august mixtape.
get your corkscrew ready and press play.

rearview radio - mixtape august 08

tracklist in comments.
and one other thing. feel free to link. but leave feedback.that would be nice.

peace to jan and fedor on that swiss-trip. bring home that good music.

@ joe. hit me up via myspace or googlemail.

Mittwoch, 27. August 2008

Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

almost 40 minutes of funk

hy there,
like almost every year it´s end of august and the
weather is not gettin´ better, so i decided to present
you my actual summer mix that i recorded just a few
weeks ago.

by the way,
i´m always remembering the nice sessions that we had
two years ago when me and mr. axiom were spending
the whole sunday chillin on the meadows near the rhine
river drinkin beer, smokin´ herbs and listening to some
funky mixtapes on his oldfashioned boombox.
sorry, but from time to time i´m gettin a bit sentimental,

have fun and share it with your friends and buddies.

i can see the sun

feedback welcome

In einem Land vor unserer Zeit 21/08/2008

or germany is in fact kraut but not only wurst

here we go with my 2nd post. this time i´m
presentin you some rare and almost unknown
german break records from my collection. all
in all five tracks, the first two were taken from
a record by a german folk singer. the third was
taken from a budget lp on "musik für alle"
records. i guess this track was sampled by some-
body, but i got no idea who, so please feel free
to drop me a comment. the fourth was taken from
a late 70´s disco lp released on the label that has
the same name like a famous rock group from
duesseldorf. the fifth and last one is just the intro
of a german schlager which is just waiting to get

sorry, but i´m not so into droppin names,
i think it´s much more fun to support your local thrift
store and try to find these babies on your own.
by the way at least one of them should be very easy to find!

ich will es eben manchmal wissen


das lied vom tod

funky jungle


good luck on you record hunt.

Mittwoch, 20. August 2008

dutch flute funk

this is my first post, and i decided to present you
a gemm that i bought just a few hours ago in my
local record store.

this is the self titled lp by dutch flutist
sigurd cochius. recorded 1982 in hilversum
and released on the klaverblad label.

the most outstanding tune "indian enmars"
features a deep and moody hiphop beat with
an amazing bass and flute workout. the rest of
the lp is more folky music with a light jazz flavour.
from my point of view the music is more 70´s than
early 80´s.

i think this is a musthave for all you beatheads.


Just introducing myself

there, my name is Sebo, some of you may know as my alter ego Sellout or Sellout-Industries, I'm 28 and I'm actually down in boring nuremberg to work as a graphic designer for a german sports company. This is my first post and i hope it won´t be my last. i´m diggin for funk, soul, jazz, rock and all other kinds of obscure records. the reason why i´m here is, that i´d like to share some nuggets of my collection with you and the rest of the world. thanks to my man "axiom" for the nice invitation, stay tuned. peace

Samstag, 16. August 2008

dark beats

sunshine outside.
but there are coming beats out of the dark.
can you hear 'em?

orphèe - orphèe ( the way through hades)

jc's project - andromedia

charles de goal - synchro

photo courtesy of AKL.
check him out. great stuff.