Donnerstag, 28. August 2008

rearview radio - August 08 mixtape

there you have it.
4 cigarettes and 2 glass of red wine later.
the august mixtape.
get your corkscrew ready and press play.

rearview radio - mixtape august 08

tracklist in comments.
and one other thing. feel free to link. but leave feedback.that would be nice.

peace to jan and fedor on that swiss-trip. bring home that good music.

@ joe. hit me up via myspace or googlemail.

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rearviewradio hat gesagt…

tracklist. august08.

walter jones - all gods children
grackle - jungle (unit 4 mix)
jaxson - smokemachine
run jeremy - window licker edit
alter ego - gary )tigas italia 90 remix)
aeroplane - pacific air race
voyage - i love you dancer
blackbelt anderson - sirup ( prins thomas diskomiks)
putsch 79 - gibson (instrumental mix)
dolle jolle - balearic incarnation ( todd terjes extra doll mix)