Donnerstag, 21. August 2008

In einem Land vor unserer Zeit 21/08/2008

or germany is in fact kraut but not only wurst

here we go with my 2nd post. this time i´m
presentin you some rare and almost unknown
german break records from my collection. all
in all five tracks, the first two were taken from
a record by a german folk singer. the third was
taken from a budget lp on "musik für alle"
records. i guess this track was sampled by some-
body, but i got no idea who, so please feel free
to drop me a comment. the fourth was taken from
a late 70´s disco lp released on the label that has
the same name like a famous rock group from
duesseldorf. the fifth and last one is just the intro
of a german schlager which is just waiting to get

sorry, but i´m not so into droppin names,
i think it´s much more fun to support your local thrift
store and try to find these babies on your own.
by the way at least one of them should be very easy to find!

ich will es eben manchmal wissen


das lied vom tod

funky jungle


good luck on you record hunt.

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